Obviously I have a weakness for bad puns and silly plays on words. But the intent behind this blog is a little more serious. The “naut” in the title is like astronaut because I like to explore and find out the “whys” behind things. Curiosity is one of my joys.

As for myself, like everyone else, I’m a multi-hyphenate: person; mom; wife; daughter; sister; friend; library volunteer; writer; editor; and professional communicator. And that’s just for a start. In fact, you can add film connoisseur and Buffy fan to that list as well as comic book geek.

I live with my naughty, clever and beautiful daughter and my ever-tolerant, loving and perpetually bemused husband.

So that’s me.

Who are you?


4 comments so far

  1. Fu on

    Hi Abby, awesome blog. Subscribed. See ya at FriendFeed,


  2. abbymartin on


    Vielen dank!


    Ich hoffe das du kommt zueruck oft.


    PS Soll ich “sie” benutzen? Weiss ich nicht.

  3. Michael Sean Wright on

    It’s nice to meet you Abby, from your comments and shares on FriendFeed, just knew you were good peeps. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, puns and your prolific punctuated positive posts.

  4. abbymartin on

    Nice to meet you too. I’ve enjoyed your stream as well! Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment (and a kind and thoughtful one at that) and your awesome alliteration.

    (I still want to know the story behind “nice fish”!)


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