Sweeping Away the Cobwebs and Pulling Back the Curtains

Admittedly, this blog has been moribund for awhile.

But with the great changes that are sweeping the landscape, I’m determined to take my own positive steps – and actually start posting again.

So while this is brief, it also is a post. It’s a start. And yes, it’s about Barack Obama.

America’s 44th President continues to prove savvy in terms of the online world and to promise that his governing style will be one of openness and public accountability.

He has launched an Office of the President-Elect website that will be a source of information about the plans and personnel for his administration, walking the American people through the transition from W’s gang to his Cabinet and staff.

It’s as if someone has gently parted the curtains and let a little light into a room that has been plunged into darkness and despair for far too long. And it’s beautiful.


3 comments so far

  1. Mike on

    Nice PR move by Obama. He can put out dribs and drabs of irrelevant information, while appearing to be more open. I’m still too much of a cynic to believe that he’s going to turn politics on its head.

    But his team is great at using the Web and making it look like they’re being more transparent. I’ll give him that.

    PS. Please don’t change the locks on me.

  2. abbymartin on

    My dear, darling cynic:

    You may be right. He may just be masterful at PR. But I do believe that this is more than just well-strategized reputation management. I do believe this is honest change.

    And I am very glad that you can’t vote in the U.S., you doubting crumudgeon.

    I won’t change the locks THIS time hubs.

    But I may put our darling daughter on your case- she likes the guy with the “sticky-outy ears.”

  3. Katharine Leab on

    Michael, Michael, Michael. No, no, no.
    While it is true that politics is the art of the possible, it is equally true that something has changed in the USA that has a genuinely redemptive quality to it. It’s not drinking the KoolAid; rather it’s having it proven that we are not so greedy and racist that we can’t elect somebody who at least gives us a chance. And it’s why a very wise old German woman in her mid-80s, a woman who had fought the Nazis and who had been the wife of a famous German professor in American studies, stayed up all night to watch the elections and called me the next day to celebrate.
    Obama isn’t perfect; he’s a politician. But now we as Americans have a chance for a future.

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