It’s EVERYWHERE So Why Not Here Too: Sex and the City

First, a confession: I put “sex” in the title of my blog in the hopes it might get a few more hits. (Sad but true- see, PR people can be honest and forthright.)

Second, a disclosure: I was living in NYC near the meatpacking district at the time Sex and the City fever was peaking. And even though I loved the show, it did get annoying to try to walk to my laundromat on Saturdays and find myself knee-deep in Carrie-wannabees stumbling around the neighbourhood in heels they could not handle and wading through the excessively long lines for the Magnolia Bakery.

Does anyone else feel like whomever did the PR/Marketing (Marcom is the term) for the film sequel to the series must have sold their soul to the devil? I ask because mention of the movie is absolutely EVERYWHERE – I’ve never seen quite so much hype.

Here’s just a small sampling:

Entertainment Weekly had a whole issue dedicated to it.

Facebook allowed users to gift a pair of fabulous SATC virtual Jimmy Choos to friends. (And, more disclosure, I did give a pair to the most Carrie Bradshaw-esque of my friends- the woman can write, has great style, is very witty but thankfully lacks her fictional counterpart’s utter self-absorption.)

Even industry-related publications have gotten into the act: The Public Relations Society of America has an article in its online publication about the effect the show had on women’s office attire.

However, there is indication that the media has reached its levels of hype-tolerance for SATC. There have been backlash articles running in the New York press, including this now-infamous TimeOut New York cover which has received quite a bit of press itself.

Why do you think this movie has captured the imagination (and covers) of North America? And how did their publicity machine manage this feat? I’d love to know what you all think.

[One caveat- please don’t bash Sarah Jessica Parker– firstly, the press has been ridiculously mean about her appearance already (I’m looking at you Maxim and no, I won’t dignify you with a link.) Secondly, everyone who lives in NYC has a celebrity-sighting story and my best one involved her. Once when I walked into the hotel Plaza Athenee carrying my baby daughter, we literally ran into Sarah Jessica Parker who was there doing a photo shoot. She was very sweet, surprisingly tiny and she cooed adoringly and genuinely over my daughter. So be nice. She was.]


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  1. Jets Fan Brad on

    Funny you say that almost everyone has seen Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC. I saw them shooting a Sex and the City scene with her and that big guy. we tried to be extras but couldn’t do it. So there’s some proof for ya. I still need to find out what movie shoot I walked through back in the day and find it on video to see if I made it to the actual movie. That would give me two movies to my resume (the other being a Harlem Globetrotters movie). Oh, and Headline rules!

  2. abbymartin on

    Welcome back JTB- nice to see you here. (Especially to have a movie star commenting here. Cool.)

    Can’t wait to see Headline and when the show launches, the readers will read about it here.


  3. Oldlady on

    In England right now, it is more than everywhere. Newspaper articles on Candace Bushnell’s apartment; lists of product placements in the movie; reviews everywhere, most of which say that it’s no good but you have to go anyway; posters; shoe ads; even the TV DVD set at railroad station newspaper stores. Oh, and on buses and cabs. Will it sell tickets? Time will tell.

  4. abbymartin on

    Interesting that it is so hyped over there as well. (Do you think some of the NY press backlash is because they had the premiere in London? Which also may be why it is so hyped there.)

    Sounds like the emphasis is more on the marketing side of marcom there whereas here it is about 50/50.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Jeff on

    This is a great commentary…I second the commentart on Sarah Jessica…she is actually sweet and does not deserve all the hate.

  6. abbymartin on


    Thanks for the comment- very sweet of you to take the time to write something! (And nice to hear a man say something lovely about SJP for a change.)Much aprpeciated.

    Do you find in NYC that the backlash in the press is as severe as it seems to be from a distance?


  7. Ian McKay on


    Had lunch today with oldlady1 (and oldman too, for that matter) on a rare trip up to London from the country. K told me about the blanket advertising and promotion which, somehow I had managed to miss. But then I have never even seen the TV series, so it would be rather wasted on me anyway. I promise to be kind to Sarah Jessica Parker if I find her wandering the North Downs of Kent or in my local pub – but I must now spend a few minutes browsing Sex and the City promotions so that I can be sure to recognise her.


  8. abbymartin on

    Hello Ian!

    Thanks for the comment! (Hope you had fun with the olds.) You might just see SJP wandering through Kent given that they have done just about every other kind of tie-in and outreach to promote this series.

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