The Dialogue Continues…Reaction to PR Secrets for Startups

The amount of commentary that this particular Techcrunch posting by Brian Solis generated borders on astonishing. For a few days, no matter which platform was your playground- Twitter, Friendfeed, etc. – this was THE topic.

You may recall that in an earlier post I mentioned that while Mr. Solis and Mr. Le Meur (whose commentary PR Secrets? bullshit started this avalanche of commentary) were basically in agreement on the main point, though they diverged on many others. They both believed in the importance of the participatory nature of Web 2.0. They both stressed that a good PR practitioner listens and speaks with people and not at them, be they journalists, bloggers or the all-important service or product user.

Well, it seems that Mr. Solis feels that way too. In a post reacting to the hullabaloo following his original piece on Techcrunch, he stated that

Community, participation, and people are everything. There is no one audience for your message, and, people and influencers are NOT targets. You need to participate directly with individuals in order to listen, learn and also share relevant benefits with them – wherever they are

More than ever it seems that public relations is about building relationships. The means for forging those links may change and become more far-reaching as the technology transforms faster and faster but the fundamental importance of genuine person-to-person connection remains the same.


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